Ocean Hues Bedding Set

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Ocean Hues Bedding Set - Dive into the Tranquil Depths of Oceanic Bliss

Introducing the Ocean Hues Bedding Set, a mesmerizing blend of colors inspired by the deep blue sea and its myriad shades. This set is designed to transport you to the serene world of ocean waves, coral reefs, and distant horizons, right in the comfort of your bedroom.


  • Oceanic Design: Immerse yourself in the captivating shades of the ocean, from the deep blues to the shimmering turquoises.

  • Easy Maintenance: Zip-up duvet covers for hassle-free removal and cleaning.

  • Premium Material: Made from high-quality polyester to ensure warmth and durability.

  • Tailored Choices: Choose from 12 unique sets tailored to fit your mattress size and bedding preferences.

  • No Fitted Sheet: Please note that our cover sets do not include a fitted sheet.

Set Sizes and Components:

  • Cover 150x2003pc (No Sheet):

    • Duvet Cover: 150x200cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Cover 180x2203pc (No Sheet):

    • Duvet Cover: 180x200cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Cover 200x2303pc (No Sheet):

    • Duvet Cover: 200x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Cover 220x2403pc (No Sheet):

    • Duvet Cover: 220x240cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Twin Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 150x200cm
    • Bedsheet: 160x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (1pc)
  • Twin Size Big Sheet:

    • Duvet Cover: 150x200cm
    • Bedsheet: 200x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Full Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 180x220cm
    • Bedsheet: 230x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Queen Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 200x230cm
    • Bedsheet: 230x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • King Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 220x240cm
    • Bedsheet: 230x250cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Double Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 200x200cm
    • Bedsheet: 230x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)
  • Ru Europe Size:

    • Duvet Cover: 200x220cm
    • Bedsheet: 230x230cm
    • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (2pcs)

With the Ocean Hues Bedding Set, every night becomes a soothing voyage into the heart of the sea. Whether you're updating your master bedroom, guest room, or a cherished retreat, this set promises a peaceful and refreshing sleep experience, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.

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