Bringing Hypebeast Street Fashion and Modern Styles into Your Home

Hypebeast street fashion is fashionable streetwear taken from the idea of modernity and luxury combined. It is a movement that became significantly popular in the media because of its eccentricity and uniqueness. Celebrities, fashion icons, and popular clothing brands started to join the movement which sweeps the fashion industry by storm bringing millions of fans and consumers to their stores.  

Hypebeast fashion encourages creativity, expression, art, and freedom which are attractive ideals for the younger generations. This era promotes creativity and individuality in the form of fashion, products, food, hype houses, and even gadgets. With the rise of social media like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, people are motivated to express their truest selves and create a character and identity through the products they purchase.  

Hypebeast fashion does not end on clothing and accessories alone. It is a lifestyle, a culture, and it can even be an interior design concept. Here at Sickhaus, we’re bringing Hypebeast to a whole new level by showcasing hypebeast home decorations and accessories.  

Make your room represent who you are and bring that hypebeast vibe right into your living space. Here are some hypebeast TikTok home décor and hypebeast bedroom ideas you’ll love.  

Nail it With a Sculpture 

Nothing can make a space look and feel interesting quite like sculptures. Sculptures are a work of art. They are not just placed on your side table merely for display. They are put there for a reason. People who are critical of their art preferences would choose sculptures that are not only interesting but also something that compels them. Something that tells a story and evokes a sense of character enough to speak for the owner of the house.  

If your living room or bedroom feels so empty and boring, why not spruce them up with interesting sculptures? At Sickhaus, we have a variety of sculptures perfect for any interior space whether you’re into playful and bold colors or want to stay with a safer color scheme. For people who love a splash of color, this Sick Dog Sculpture and X Boxer Rabbit Sculpture will do the trick. If you are more inclined to sophistication and elegance, opt for this Silence is Golden Sculpture or Haagen David Sculpture. 

Posters and Prints Just Make it better 

Hypebeast posters are a must-have. Bring the ’90s bedroom era by collecting vintage poster prints to paste on your bedroom wall. This Smile Abstract Canvas is a classic. Get this poster if you’re feeling a bit playful and want to experiment with different colors in your home.  

The Saint Travis Print on the other hand is perfect for keeping walls neutral, and monochromatic, yet exuding character and style. If you want to go vintage, opt for a Bauhaus canvas print or a Choose Something Fun Canvas print. Say goodbye to empty and dull white bedroom walls and make a statement with posters and prints instead.   

Rugs and Doormats? Make it fun 

Rugs and doormats do not have to be that same old boring shape and color. When it comes to incorporating the hypebeast concept in your home, it’s either you go bold or you go home. Take this opportunity to level up your home with some really colorful and creative hypebeast rugs. One of our favorites is this Acid Smile Rug available in 6 colors.  

We also have this Wavy Rainbow Rug. A fun, minimalist, yet very creative graphic rug that will definitely make any room an interesting space to be in. If you want to go a little bit unconventional with your déco with a little more humor, this “Boo You Whore” rug is a show stopper along with this Fuck Pop Art Rug. 

Forget about Bedside Lamps and go for Neon Signs 

Neon lights are the perfect addition to a wall to create that retro ambiance. People hang them up above their headboards, in living rooms, bedrooms, and even in the kitchen. Multicolored glowing neon signs create drama and interest in a room. If you are looking for something unique to add to your walls, get yourself the classic X Smiley Neon Sign or the Good Vibes Neon Sign. If you’re not up for the funky retro vibe, the mushroom desk lamp would be a perfect addition to your bedside table or study table. Of course, when putting up neon lighting make sure that it complements well with the rest of your home’s hypebeast interior design style.  

Tapestries for The Free-Spirited 

For centuries, people who enjoy art have favored wall tapestries. But wall tapestry designs as well as how people use wall tapestries in their homes have evolved over time. Tapestries are now the new artwork alternative for unconventional individuals who love the free, boho-like, and hypebeast concepts. If you are looking for creative and unique tapestry prints for your bedroom, browse our tapestry catalog and you might just find the perfect tapestry you’ve been looking for.  

Cushions and Pillows Like You’ve Never Seen Before 

Comfy elements like pillows and cushions are home essentials. They may have a space look and feel homely. They add visual interest and create visual texture that makes the interior look interesting to the eye and sense of mind. People are used to the old traditional way of using pillows in the living room. Designers would often suggest layering, choosing monochromatic colors, staying neutral and minimalist, and other safe design tactics. While these strategies work, they can be a bit boring and repetitive. So, if you’re looking for some hype, some energy, and something fun to add to your living room, consider hypebeast-styled pillows and cushions.  


The trick to achieving a hypebeast interior concept is to make it fun, make it colorful, make it interesting, and above all, make it embody you. Head on to Sickhaus to find the most creative hypebeast home accessories that you’ll surely love for your home.   

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